Request for Improvement Application Form

This simple form should be completed for ALL EXTERIOR PROJECTS, including any modifications to the outside of your townhome.  Any enhancement or repair should receive approval prior to initiating work.  Failure to submit a form for approval may result in a fine(s).  Submitted forms will be responded to expeditiously with an APPROVAL, MORE INFORMATION NEEDED, or DENIED

In an effort to provide and protect each individual’s homeowner rights and property value, and to maintain the aesthetic quality of Water's Edge, it is required that any homeowner considering improvements to their  property which affects the structure of a building common to other homeowners, or improvements which are visible from other homes, submit a REQUEST FOR IMPROVEMENT APPLICATION to the Architectural Review Committee (REVIEWER(S)) prior to initiating work on planned improvements.


Please note applications may take up to two (2) full weeks from the date of submission to process. Most applications will be responded to within one (1) week.  Failure to include all contact and project details could result in delays.

STEP 1: Owner Contact Information

* = Required field information