Architectural Review Committee - Online Request Form

Water's Edge homeowners now have an easy three-step process for making a request for any exterior modifications to your townhome. Any modification such as repairs or enhancements must receive prior approval.

Here are some examples for using the request form:

  • New garage door.

  • Replacing outdoor light fixture.

  • Need to support HVAC enclosure.

  • Modifications to porch rails or front entry stairs.

How To Access the Form: A new sub-menu option can be found under File Share > ARC Request Form.

When you click on the ARC Request Form, you'll be stepped through the three-step form.

Step 1 provides basic homeowner contact information.

Step 2 provides project details. This step provides location information for the proposed change, a list of common projects, a description about the project and anticipated materials planned for the modification. Contractor information is optional, but helpful.

Step 3 allows you to upload supporting documents. You may have paint swatches, or example photos, or current condition photos that you can upload with your request. You can also electronically sign the form.

When you Send the form, it immediately notifies the HOA Board via email of your request. This online form will allow for quick approvals and a streamlined approach.

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