Beach is Closed to Most Everyone (3/31/20)

The South Carolina Governor issued an Executive Order to significantly restrict access to the state's beaches, rivers, and lakes. Homeowners or renters in our neighborhood can no longer access our beach, for fear of a $100 fine or 30 days in jail.

Per the SC EO, "I hereby order and direct that any and all public beach access points, to include any adjacent or associated public parking lots or other public facilities, shall be closed to public access for recreational purposes for the duration of the State of Emergency."

More specifically, as the sole exception, "This (order) does not enlarge or infringe upon the existing rights of individuals to access the navigable waters of this State or the rights of owners of private property adjacent to the public beaches or public waterways of this State."

Folly Beach government, in turn, quickly issued another press release (Covid 19 - Updated 9) that simply stated: "The Governor has issued a state-wide executive order closing the public beach access points and public boat landings." Overnight, all entrances to the beach have been "roped off" as shown below.

Due in part to the vagueness of certain EO content, and because some beachgoers are violating the order, the FB City Council will reconvene on Monday.

Stay tuned...

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