Board Update - Summer 2020

Dear Waters Edge Community,

Photo taken by Tim Spaid behind LoLo's on Folly Road.

This year the Board has functioned as more of a software development "scrum team" where each of us has worked on projects incrementally to complete a common goal.  In lieu of meetings, we have had regular email exchanges and occasional phone calls as necessary.  As a result, we haven't had regularly scheduled meetings where we have posted meeting minutes.  

The Board values the unique expertise of our community volunteers and recognizes the success of these projects (and future projects) would not be possible without your support.  While I encourage you to review posts on our website for new information, here is an encapsulation of some of the items the Board has addressed in 2020:

Pool: We had some individuals fence hopping, and a tree that had become overgrown at the front was removed to help mitigate making it easier to jump the fence.   As many of you are aware, we followed the advice of our pool service company to include hand sanitizer and to stack and lock chaise loungers during the pandemic.  We can be fortunate in knowing we were able to keep our pool open.   The board is reviewing proposals to re-plaster the pool.

Dock Repairs: Short of major work, the Board approved Charleston Dock and Wall to make some minor repairs to get us through a couple more years. They changed the worst of