Emergency Vehicle at Water's Edge

FB Fire Truck has to back out to exit Water's Edge.

This past Friday, shortly before 8am, a Folly Beach fire truck was called to the scene of a medical emergency within Water's Edge. This is a perfect reminder why access into and out of our community is so important.

It is exactly for this reason why we have "No Parking" painted in front of garages where parking will block emergency vehicles.

In this photo can be seen a fire truck. Owed to its size, it has no room to turn around, so it was forced to back all the way out. That task could have been made extremely difficult had vehicles been parked illegally.

If the firefighters were blocked from entering, had to park at the front of Water's Edge, race on foot with a stretcher and backpacks through a maze of cars, trucks and golf carts. Response time being critical, it can be the difference between life or death. As it happened, a young woman was treated by two firefighters who administered oxygen.

Let's use this event to underscore why it is so important we follow and enforce parking rules and impress upon all guests and property managers the need to follow them.

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