FB Council - Coerced to Relax all Travel Restrictions (3/27/20)

On Friday night, Folly Beach City Council was forced into relaxing its previously set travel restrictions, thereby allowing free access to our island. The South Carolina Attorney General's "issued an opinion" earlier in the day to reiterate that only the governor could order people to stay at home, and control ingress and egress to an area. Fearing reprisal from the state and others in the form of fines, sanctions, or even lawsuits, the Council quickly relaxed the following rules as detailed here - effective March 27 at 8 p.m.

"Based on Guidance from Attorney General of South Carolina," the Council hurriedly decided on the following:

  • Checkpoint operations are ceased.

  • Restrictions on short-term rentals and other overnight accommodations are lifted at this time.

These two regulation changes may be revisited - contingent on any additional mandates issued by the Governor Henry McMaster. Stay tuned via postings such as these and emails to our homeowners.

Saturday morning, local resident loyalists called for everyone to complain to the Governor's office, and then proceeded to picket the at the bridge with warning signs to stay away from Folly Beach.

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