Folly Beach Noise Ordinance

Our Water's Edge community is a pretty peaceful slice of Folly Beach. Only on occasion has there been an issue of noise causing a disturbance. Water's Edge does not maintain rules aside from those already in force by the City of Folly Beach.

Click to read the noise ordinance that is applicable to our community and to its guests.

What is noise?

The ordinance defines "noise" as "Any sound that annoys or disturbs a person who hears it."

A few interesting facts that may not be readily apparent:

Noise created by construction and commercial businesses is restricted to 8am - 7pm Monday - Friday.

In other words, it is against the noise ordinance for contractors to be making noise on the weekend.

Noise from Short Term Rental Properties.

Owners of short term rentals shall ensure that a city-prepared notice about the noise ordinance is posted in houses that are rented for 30 days or less and is included in all rental contracts. If you are a homeowner that rents your unit, check with your property manager to ensure your rental contract adheres to the City of Folly Beach ordinance on noise.

Noise on the beach or from watercraft.

Noise on the beach that is audible more than 100 feet from the source of the noise, including noise coming from residential or business properties as well as from noise sources on the beach is prohibited, as well as noise emanating from watercraft other than engine noise along the Folly River.

Okay, we made up some of these example violations, but they are still valid.
  • Power washing your townhome on a Saturday or Sunday at 8am.

  • Cranking up the volume to Cardi B on your Bluetooth speaker on the Water's Edge dock.

  • Walking home drunk from Woody's singing so everyone can hear how you should be the next American Idol.

  • Yelling at your cat for having missed the litter box.

  • Blowing out the pipes of your garaged Harley for your weekend drive with the bros.

  • Honking the horn, because your tired of waiting for you spouse to make up her mind which blouse to wear for your reservations to Husk.

  • Breaking out the trombone on the porch for the first time since 2008 to play "Seventy-Six Trombones"as an experiment to see how many herons will fly out of the marsh.

  • Any dog not smart enough to know not everyone walking around Water's Edge is a postal carrier and barks either non-stop or intermittently for more than 15 minutes.

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