Helpful Owners Shout Out!

No one asked me to post this, but occasionally you take a moment to step back and to be thankful for those who go out of their way on behalf of the community. It is for this reason I want to acknowledge and thank Tom and Jeanne Burke.

Managing a community at distance (my main residence is in Atlanta) isn't always a simple matter. Tom and Jeanne, as full-time residents, have been particularly helpful in writing the Board, along with providing photos, as evidence of varying concerns or as proof of what is working. As they say, a picture is often worth a thousand words.

Maybe we deputize them as proxy Board of Directors. Is that a thing?

The last time I was in Folly Beach we were in the midst of figuring out our trash situation, and in particular, our need to begin trash collection twice a week. At that time, trash billowed over the top of the dumpsters with plenty of bags of trash left on the ground after service. While I was throwing trash into the dumpster, Tom came out to pitch in with me and my niece, Carolyn from Raleigh.

At the last annual meeting the subject of sprinkler systems inspections came up. Tom and Jeanne have helped to dig into this important issue for our community (more info to come...) and have paved a way for clarifying what has been previously a mystery.

Fun Facts: Tom and Jeanne have also both served on our Communications Committee, helped to establish this website, have written many blog posts for it, which have included updates regarding Covid-19, during a time of tremendous impact to the community.

Whether it is documenting issues pertaining to landscape, or pitching in to organize our new recycling bins and tidying up the enclosure, the Burke's have continually demonstrated their willingness to serve our Water's Edge community. Hurrah for Tom and Jeanne! Thank you!

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