Important Website Privacy Information

This website is a Member-driven social site. Its purpose is to connect visitors to the Water's Edge community as well as to connect homeowners who live on Folly and elsewhere. It fosters better communication and provides a positive environment for social exchange.

This post explains who can do what, safeguards for privacy, and customizing notification settings.

Visitors: Anyone can view blog posts and learn about Water's Edge without being a Member. Visitors, however, cannot view Member information, cannot comment on posts, or view the File Share.

Members: Before you can Sign In membership has to be approved. Residents or property managers can sign up to become a member. We check membership against a contact list.

Residents of Water's Edge, with an approved membership can comment on posts, can view a Members Directory, can customize their Profile & My Account pages, and can access and view the File Share where community documents such as covenants, rules and procedures can be accessed.

Profile & My Account: We hope you'll take a moment to include a profile photo, your name, current phone number, and enter something about you and your family. This helps the HOA to communicate with you, but it also helps other residents to get to know you better.

Profile Privacy - Again, only members can see your profile. You can choose how much you want to share on the website, and optionally, you can hide your profile altogether (see image at right).

Notifications: There are a number of website features that provide controls for how you can be notified by email about activities on the website.

Subscribe - By clicking Subscribe you will be notified by email when new posts are added or updated.

Likes - Any post you add that someone likes (they click on the heart at the bottom of the post), you will receive a notification.

Follows - You will be notified when there are updates about members and posts you Follow.

Settings - You can access settings by going to either Profile or My Account. This is the page where you can turn notification on or off for any of the above.

Learning More: A tutorial has been created with step-by-step instructions using our interactive website guide.

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