King Tide at Water's Edge Community

Once or twice a year we experience a weather phenomenon known as the King Tide, which unlike a typical high tide has the added dimension of the sun and the moon being in a position that tugs on tidal forces making it more of a "royal pain" for those who live in the low country. Add other weather effects such a low pressure system and high winds driving into the coast and you have a recipe for water being piled up all along the coastline even farther than a typical King Tide. Let's call this one an Uber King Tide.

Here are few photos of the marsh and streets nearby Water's Edge. You step out for a cup of coffee too long, you might just need waders to make it back if you aren't paying attention the timing of high tide.

Here are some other photos around Water's Edge from Sunday morning and the one photo from the pool taken at 10:15 am this morning. What was apparent was the tide did breach where we have an existing failing bulkhead. In one photo the high tide water mark is apparent on the porch, but didn't appear to have made it into the garage.