Laundry Bags

Rental agencies are taking on the practice of leaving laundry bags out throughout our community. There is no agreement with the Water's Edge HOA allowing this.

Sometimes many more bags than the ones seen in the photo at right are stacked in a pile.

They are sometimes placed on top of community plantings without regard. And as an owner, you might like to know that they are left in the rain as well.

Give an inch, take a mile.

When a practice begins to detract from our community in such a way as to make things unsightly, it affects all owners. And yes, it absolutely can affect property everyone's property values. This is a practice that won't be tolerated.

The homeowners of Water's Edge run this community, not rental agencies or their property managers.

What should you do?

As an owner, you should take it upon yourself to proactively communicate with your rental agency and tell them this practice is not allowed and they need to stop leaving these bags out in our community and on our plantings. It may be expedient for them to be collected at a later day and time, but continuing to do so will run the risk of them being collected and disposed of.

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