Living on the Edge, in the Edge of America

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Life on Folly Beach has dramatically changed for all in the last two weeks - due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Befitting this town, St. Patrick's Day marked the end of the partying life as Folly Beach knows it. The restaurants and bars closed down the next day, along with non-essential businesses. Sole exceptions are a few business still offering food delivery and take-out, in addition to the stalwart Bert's store and the Circle K convenience shop

While access to the island is still restricted due to a 24/7 checkpoint just beyond the bridge, worries abound among the locals and even renters. Most everyone is hunkered down, despite the fact that no "Stay at Home" executive order has been issued by the South Carolina governor, whose judgement has been frequently questioned by a worried population. The streets of Folly eerily remind many of a ghost town these days.

Still, there are those who are not practicing social distancing. Renters crowding onto overloaded golf carts have been surprisingly spotted. Further, the enclosed Post Office attracts many to its lobby during business hours. To date, very few are seen wearing masks or scarves.

Access to the beach and the city's boat launch have been fenced off forcing many to now ride bikes more or take walks on streets instead.

Long-term rental agreements (of 30 days or more) are attracting some from out-of-state, presumably these newcomers have arrived to avoid hometowns where exposure to Covid-19 is much more worrisome.

Last, South Carolina will soon re-release the latest listing of Covid-19 diagnosed cases on Sunday, April 5. As of a few days ago, less than five residents in zip code 29439 were recorded as being tested positive.

These island conditions are ratcheting the anxiety among many on the Edge of America island. See the picture below which depicts a sharp difference in activity from past spring break seasons.

Prayers for all. Please be safe.

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