NO PARKING - Painting Project

Dear Homeowners & Property Managers,

To those who rent or manage properties, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your guests are properly informed about the parking regulations at Water's Edge and adhere to them.  In the past, we have provided signage and fliers to be posted in units (see Resources below).

Imagine a fire truck getting through here.
Rendering of end result of project.

Where parking is not allowed in front of some units (i.e. where we don't presently have reflectors), we are having "NO PARKING" uniformly painted in front of the garage entrances.  These will be 8" letters in white paint. This should make it clear to guests that cars should not be parked in front of garages. The community has engaged a professional asphalt striping company who is set to perform the painting in the next week.  After this work has been completed, the Board is looking to utilize our HOA management company to identify illegally parked vehicles (including golf carts and other recreational boats and trailers) during their walkthrough, and to begin assessing a fine (amount TBD) to those units in violation of the Water's Edge parking regulations. Now is a good time to once again take stock of your efforts to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Parking Regulations 

  • Post flyers near your entrance for guests to see. (Top of the stairs or inside your garage is a good location)

  • Place signs or placards in your unit. 

  • Ensure you have a procedure to inform parking regulations.

  • Ensure your guests are able to park within your garage.

  • Ensure guests who park in sanctioned parking spots have a Water's Edge sanctioned parking tag (Property Management companies have no authority to print makeshift temporary tags).


  • Parking Rules:

WE Parking Rules
Download PDF • 754KB

Note: Access to some of the above links requires website membership. Residents and property managers can sign up to be approved.  Feel free to reach out to with questions.

- HOA Board

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