Out with the Old: In with the New

Spring is a time of year when many of us are updating our homes, bringing out the new and throwing out the old.

Recent efforts have gone pretty well in keeping our trash pen relatively clean and in good order. Recently, someone decided to leave a large screen television box in our trash pen. There it has continued to sit for days. This is really a discourteous act to the community. It is no one's responsibility to break down trash and dispose of waste properly than you.

It has been said before, but it is worth stating again, that any trash left outside bins will not be picked up.

What You Can Do?: Understand the time of year where we have more guests enjoying Water's Edge, and take a moment to remind your guests, your family, your property manager, to help to manage the trash situation.

  • Find space in the bins for trash bags.

  • Don't place trash on top of bins or beside them.

  • Make an effort to compact the trash to make additional room, whenever possible.

  • Don't leave bulk items in the corral. Contact the city of Folly Beach and make arrangements for pick up of bulk items.

To schedule a bulk pickup, please email: trash@cityoffollybeach.com.

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