Playgrounds on Folly

If you have young kids, you’ll want to know where on Folly Beach you can bring them so they can release some of that pent-up energy. There are two awesome playgrounds on Folly Beach and another just for residents and guests at Water’s Edge.

Wave Watch: From Water's Edge, walk up 2nd Street toward the beach and turn right on Cooper Ave until you reach Wave Watch. It’s about 0.7 miles from our town home. This colorful surfboard-themed playground is at the end of a quiet street. There are slides, climbing equipment, a chalkboard, pavilion, swing, and picnic table. It has shady spots and has a fence encircling it. It’s right across from the beach (and restrooms).

Pirate Cove: From Water's Edge, walk up 2nd Street toward the beach and turn left on Eerie until you see Pirate Cove on the left. It is one mile from our community. This playground tends to be a little busier because it’s next to the public tennis and basketball courts, but it’s a great space for kids! There’s a boat to crawl in and out of, a slide made out of a lighthouse, a tire swing,and a rope-climbing tower. It’s also well shaded and has a pavilion with seating.

Water’s Edge: From our community, your kids can walk or run to this playground! Located just behind the Folly Beach United Methodist Church, it offers climbing equipment, a slide, and swings. The church has graciously allowed residents and guests of Water’s Edge to use it.

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