Update: Pool is Back Open

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

As many of you are aware, the Water's Edge pool is temporarily closed. Our pool service company instructed us that it was a regulation it be closed or DHEC would close it owed to our Emergency Phone line outage.

Comcast is scheduled to fix the phone line on Thursday, which was the earliest it could be scheduled.

An event like this is beyond anyone's control. DHEC online website has been researched for clarification about the regulation without success. They have been contacted via email and phone in an effort to seek any ability to open the pool sooner.

Keep in mind that regulations exist for a reason and that is usually safety, security and liability. The community could be held liable should an accident occur and we didn't take appropriate action, no matter how unlikely it may be.

Be Positive

You may have angry renters so consider how you can turn the situation into a positive with communication to guests stating that you care for their safety and with helpful suggestions: For example, suggest they could make it a Beach Day, how and where to search for shark teeth, go crabbing at our dock, hire a boat captain to go fishing, learn how to surf, go on a marsh kayak excursion, visit Charleston.

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