Roofing Project Update

Waters Edge Re-Roof Project Update, Nov 25 2019

Baker Roofing to date has installed a total of six roofs in our community. The HOA Board hired an inspector to conduct periodic inspections of their work with two formal inspections completed now. The inspector identified areas where the underlayment was not correctly nailed on his first inspection. Those findings were relayed to Baker. The inspector identified similar issues with the underlayment as well as other installation problems on his second report. As a result, we have asked Baker to stop work and have forwarded the reports to the city inspector. We are now awaiting Baker’s plan to address the current issues and to properly train and supervise the crews on the remaining work. We believe Baker Roofing is capable of doing high quality work and selected them partly on that reputation. I spoke with the city inspector, who was surprised we were having issues with the company. We believe Baker does have the ability to do quality work and our best course of action is to give them an opportunity to prove themselves knowing they will be held to the standards identified in the contract, manufacturers specifications and the appropriate building codes.

As a result, there will be some delays in this project. Originally we had targeted to have this project completed by December 2019, so it appears it will run into January 2020 or possibly longer if weather is inclement. 

Many of you may not be aware, but this not a project that our management company leads (construction project management at this level is not their core competency). It is lead by volunteers in the community. On this Thanksgiving, we should all be thankful for the community volunteer team who has stepped forward to do the project management. This team has spent hundreds of hours overseeing this project from RFQ through Bid, and now execution and quality control to give Waters Edge the best quality and return on our investment. We will update you as soon as Baker presents an acceptable plan and revised schedule. Thank you for your patience. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family.

Chris Merlin, HOA President

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