Seawall / Erosion Control Permitting

Received a notification today by Ocean Coastal Resource Management that our application for permit has been received and is "in process" starting with a public notice. The public notice is distributed to all known interested persons and agencies to assist in developing facts by which a decision can be made. The public notice end date is August 7th, 2021. (See Public Notice)

As a reminder, we have permit approval for one side of our community and this additional permit process is to install a 740' linear foot bulkhead along the marshes of the Folly River on the side of our community that includes the pool and existing failing bulkhead.

The two site plans when joined (end-to-end), will provide for a bulkhead that will provide erosion control that encompasses the entirety of the Water's Edge community.

Proposed Site Plan - Approved

Proposed Site Plan - In Process

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