Seawall Project Update

McSweeney Engineers reached out today that they heard from Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) and received confirmation that we can rebuild our community bulkhead just outside of the existing one (within 18").

This is good news for our community as it means it reduces the potential of pool deck instability or existing porch posts being compromised while constructing a new bulkhead. It is our hope it will provide our community with potential cost savings as well.

We will need to go through a full-blown permit process for its replacement, which is going to take additional time. That said, starting this project by this fall is unlikely. Timing for getting favorable construction bids is important, since we want to approach contractors when they are least busy. That might not be right now in time for construction to begin this fall. We hope to leverage timing to our favor in terms of getting more affordable bids and in terms of doing all that is needed to properly prepare our community for a large-scale project.

Land surveyors will be on property to perform the additional work of surveying our community on April 13th.

McSweeney Engineer seawall design schematic.

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