Spring Projects Update

The HOA Board would like to take a moment to update the community on two near-term beautification projects moving forward and what you can expect.

Trash Enclosure Renovations: Tuesday, May 3rd Frontline Fence will start on a project to renovate the trash enclosure. The project should take until the end of business on Friday.

Key Goals:

  • Primary goals of this renovation are to improve the aesthetics of the trash enclosure.

  • Improve access in and around dumpsters.

  • Discourage illegal dumping.

  • Keep dumpster placement from impeding access to recycling bins.

Key Features:

  • Commercial grade double-swing front gate.

  • Gate posts will be constructed of 6” metal posts.

  • Gate catches so the service company can fix the gate open and then shut.

  • Increase width of enclosure from 21’ ft to 23’ ft.

  • The side opening will also have a gate.

  • The height of the surround will be increased to 8’ ft tall to obscure dumpsters.

  • The type of enclosure is described as “Charleston Style.”

  • Metal Bollards will be installed inside the enclosure to prevent dumpsters from obstructing recycling bins.

What to Expect:

  • Parking spaces next to the trash enclosure will need to be free of cars at the start of construction starting next Tuesday.

  • Liz from Poston will be on site at the start of the project.

  • Recycle bins and dumpsters will remain in place during the project.

  • All debris will be hauled away by the contractor.

  • Homeowner, Brett Graves has kindly volunteered to help supervise with the construction when he is available to do so to ensure the enclosure adheres to the agreed upon specifications.

  • A basic layout of the enclosure design is below. Each grid = 1’ ft.

More information about the trash enclosure RFP can be found on the website File Share.

New Sod Installation: REAL Landscaping has sorted out the irrigation system zone mapping, made repairs as needed, and now that irrigation is in good service, we can now move to have sod installed. Beginning late May or early June, new sod will be installed at the fronts of all units.

What to Expect:

  • This project entails removing existing turf and weeds from front “lawn” areas.

  • Installation of centipede sod.

  • Disposal of all job-related debris.

  • Starter fertilizer applied.

Palm Tree Trimming: For those who may not know, the palm trees were trimmed this week. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused as it was left unclear by the vendor the date of service.

We will continue to work with REAL Landscaping to address some of the homeowner concerns that have been expressed regarding trimming in select areas and weed control.

Dock Conditions: This week you may see scuba divers swimming around the pilings of our dock. This activity is an effort to inspect the underwater conditions of our dock support. This effort is on the heels of a visual inspection of the dock conditions above water. A week or two later the Board will be in receipt of a report of their findings.

Exterior Projects: The Board and Poston continue to look for contractors who can take on specific community-wide projects. We realize that some homeowners are taking it upon themselves to do repairs for such items as HVAC enclosure and supports, replace shutters, stair improvements, replace garage lights.

NOTE: We remind all that any improvements and repairs to the exterior of townhomes need to go through an Architectural Review Committee Form submission for approval.

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