Sweating Air Vent

Chances are you don't spend much time, if any, going up into your attic. Recently, I had the need to inspect an air condition duct that had condensation built up on the air vent and ceiling causing mold to form. It was just this one air vent that was like this photo.

Condensation build up making ceiling wet and moldy.

I pulled down the rope to bring down the stairs to ascend and I was immediately deluged with tar paper, roofing nails and other unpleasant shingle grit.

Recent roof replacement caused debris to fall into the attic. On a positive side, it shows the roofers replaced the roof underlayment.

Just be aware, for your safety, that there are roofing nails, screws, and various construction debris that might be worth a trip to the attic to sweep up and dispose.

Air duct with missing insulation.

The duct that leads to this air vent was missing half the insulation. This meant that it was partially exposed to the hot air in the attic. The hot air hitting the cold metal of the duct caused the condensation. You can relate to this in thinking about a cold glass of iced tea outside on a hot summer day. A pool of water will eventually form under the glass.

The fix was simple. I w