Towing Enforced Beginning 4th of July Weekend!

Towing will be enforced beginning this coming holiday weekend. Water's Edge has engaged Moore's Towing Service.

Vehicles, which include golf carts, will be towed to their towing location at 1366 Fort Johnson Road, which is located about 20 minutes from Folly Beach, depending on traffic.

The cost to retrieve either a car or golf cart will be $125. Instructions will be left by Moore's Towing Service, when possible. However, property managers can use the information provided here.

FINAL FINAL WARNING: Towing will be enforced starting now. This will make some guests very unhappy if you fail to provide them with our parking rules.


A valid Water’s Edge Parking Tag MUST be displayed at all times unless the vehicle is inside the unit’s garage.

  1. Parking inside a garage does not require a parking tag.

  2. Lined parking spaces are available when the vehicle displays a current Water’s Edge parking tag.

  3. Units with an orange reflector on the stair post allows for ONE vehicle to be parked in front of the unit garage when a current Water’s Edge parking tag is clearly visible.

  4. Golf carts are considered VEHICLES and must abide by all parking rules. Golf carts MUST only be operated by licensed drivers and be registered with the City of Folly Beach.

  5. Any other form of legal on-road transportation, LSVs, motorcycles, scooters, etc. are considered vehicles and must abide by all parking rules.

  6. Boats, trailers of any kind and unlicensed or inoperable vehicles must be parked inside a garage at all times.

  7. No Parking on grass.

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