Trash Heap - Update 2 (Recycling)

We appreciate your understanding as we have worked hard toward a balanced solution that works for Folly Beach Public Works, our community, guests, and those who wish to recycle.

Trash Service Pickup: The two dumpsters are now being picked up twice a week by United Site Services; Monday and Friday. At the outset we thought the two dumpsters would provide enough capacity for pickup once per week. We added an additional pickup when we saw the dumpsters overly full. We appear to be in control of the volume of trash. With summer winding down, we should be in even better shape.

Recycling: We are now in a position to bring back recycling. We have determined the trash enclosure is deep enough to allow recycle bins to be placed at the back of the pen (see image below).  We have asked United Site Services to pull the trash dumpsters forward in the space to allow access to the recycle bins in the back.

Entering the pen to recycle is no different than before. It is our hope that this placement will deter people from throwing trash in with recycling. Signage will help to enforce this as well. Too much trash thrown into the recycling will make recycling meaningless and may even have Charleston County Recycling remove us from service.