UPDATE: Sprinkler System Inspections

Last year the Water’s Edge HOA engaged Johnson Controls in a contract to perform annual sprinkler system inspections and make repairs moving forward. Not having inspections is a major liability as it relates to insurance coverage, so this effort has been an imperative.

Our sprinkler systems were initially installed by Johnson Controls and no other company is better suited to inspect and repair them.

In doing so, we can rest assured that our homes have this added measure of protection, adds convenience, and leverages cost savings as well.

Repairs: Inspections were performed last fall and, no surprise, most of the units had minor defects that needed to be addressed to pass inspection. You saw communication on the cost of the repairs for each townhome. Each townhome inspection was unique and the cost of those repairs was also specific. However, since the inspection reports were similar, most in our community bore a similar repair fee.

Repairs from the 2020 inspection report are scheduled to be made next week, beginning Tuesday, September 7th. A team of technicians from Johnson Controls will be making repairs on four (4) tosix (6) buildings each day beginning with even numbered units at 80/82 moving toward odd numbered units 81/83 (see below).

It is anticipated to take upwards of an hour or less for each unit, given the nature of the repairs to be made.

In the future, the Association should receive the repair reports within five (5) to seven (7) business days after the inspection. The repairs will be scheduled accordingly after the report is received.

2021 Inspections: Fast on the heels of the repairs from the 2020 inspection report, our annual 2021 inspection date has arrived. This will seem odd, however we are required to have annual inspections and for those to take place at the same time each year to remain compliant.

Sometime soon, following the repairs, a separate team from Johnson Controls will come through the community to complete the 2021 inspections.

Defective Inspection Reports: A question that came up was what if you received a defective inspection report, made repairs, but there was a fire in your unit prior to receiving a passed inspection report?

The work performed by Johnson Controls for Water’s Edge is documented and filed on the work performed on each unit. So even though there may not be a passing inspection on file, in this event, the homeowner would have no trouble providing documentation needed to provide the insurance company in recovering from a fire.

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