Waters Edge Re-Roofing Project Update 12/5/19

As mentioned last week, we have had a short delay in the re-roofing project as a result of some quality control issues identified by the engineering firm (Robert Knowles PE, Knowles Inspection) who was hired to oversee our project and ensure all specifications from the bid are met by Baker Roofing.  

Our original contract was written to specify a new advanced synthetic underlayment.  Unlike the cheaper underlayments which are basically a water resistant paper-plastic product, the new synthetic product is thicker and has more advanced water proof/gripping power to help provide more strength and protection against the high winds and rain we experience in Charleston. In order for the product to work properly, and be covered under warranty, the manufacturer specifies a "required nailing pattern" and button cap nail.   

After meeting with the inspector and the City of Folly Beach, it was determined that the specified nailing pattern was not being used, and the contractor will have to go back and do units 81/83, 85/87, 93/95, 104/106, 113/115.  While this is not optimal, the roofing committee and board feels strongly that we are doing the right thing for the HOA to hold the contractor accountable for the specifications to give us the highest quality outcome on the project.   

The contractor is currently completing 2-3 units per week and is targeting mid January for completion (1 unit = 2 residences = 1 roof)

Thanks again to Kevin Edenborough, a resident in our HOA, who has been present on the job and working on the ground with all involved in this project!

If you have any specific questions on your unit, please send to Liz Thomas @ Poston, and we will get them answered.

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