Where's the Info?

Our website has been live for a couple of years now. The number of files, posts, discussions, pages have grown and you might wonder how to find something that was mentioned in the past.

For example, when the website was first launched an online interactive guide was created for how to create a member login, edit your profile and change account settings. Using Search was helpful to locate a helpful resource created back in 2019. See Website Interactive Guide

Website Search: We have a Search box at the top of the page. Give it a try!

It's summertime! Type in "grill" and hit Enter. You'll see we have written posts reminding owners and their guests about the use of grills in our community. It doesn't find the word embedded within our rules and guideline located in File Share as a PDF. That would be pretty amazing if it could!

Entering a word like "guide" then click on the magnifier icon (or hit the Enter key). Search should yield the results shown below.

Notice how it highlights other similar words and how many references to that word are made in different parts of the website such as a blog post, website page or a discussion forum area.

Happy Searching!

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